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Making a Payment to LienBuyers LLC

     You may have recently received a letter from our firm stating that we carry your new mortgage or lien. If this is the case, above all, follow the payment instructions on your invoice mailed to you for payment instructions.


    In general, here are the payment instructions required to follow:


Send Certified Funds, Cashier's Check or Money Orders, made payable to LIENBUYERS LLC (KY). PERSONAL CHECKS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Funds must be post-marked prior to the due date on your invoice. If it is mailed later than the due date, additional fees will apply. If you have missed the payment deadline, you may call our office between Monday and Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm at 502.552.5148 to obtain the exact amount due.


Mail Payment to :

        LienBuyers LLC

        Attn: Payments

        PO Box 36012

        Louisville, KY 40233


If you have filed a bankruptcy, kindly consult your bankruptcy attorney as this may or may not apply to you.


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We have added more Utah and Southern California to our Lien buying pool. 


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