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Sell LienBuyers a Lien You Own

     If you wish to sell us a lien, we will need the following information to get started:


1) The type of Lien

2) The loan amount

3) Is it Secure or Unsecure? If it is secure, what is the address of the property that the lien secured to?

4) The date of the loan.

5) Reason why you are selling.

6) Your asking price and terms.

7) The borrower's current situation (if known)


Send your request to info@lienbuyers.com. We will contact you within 48 business hours of receiving your request to discuss the purchase further.

Latest News

Services Expanded!

We have added more Utah and Southern California to our Lien buying pool. 


Welcome to our website.  We hope our new website will make it easier to navigate our site!